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Chef's Daily Specials

Chef's Daily Specials

Taste the Difference with Chef’s Daily Specials | Special Sun Club Price: $8.95

Join us 11AM – 3PM at Three Peaks Kitchen + Bar for the following Chef’s Daily Specials or the classic Half Sandwich and Soup lunch special for the Sun Club Member price of $8.95 

Tuesday, June 12: Salisbury Steak

Wednesday, June 13: Chicken Parmesan

Thursday, June 14: Bacon Mac & Cheese

Friday, June 15: Tuna Casserole

Saturday, June 16: Hot Turkey Sandwich

Sunday, June 17: Fried Chicken

Monday, June 18: Papa J’s Meatloaf

Tuesday, June 19: Lasagna

Wednesday, June 20: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Thursday, June 21: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday, June 22: Beef Stew

Saturday, June 23: Chicken & Dumplings

Sunday, June 24: Beef Stroganoff

Monday, June 25: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Tuesday, June 26: Liver & Onions

Wednesday, June 27: Salisbury Steak

Thursday, June 28: Chicken Parmesan

Friday, June 29: Bacon Mac & Cheese

Saturday, June 30: Tuna Casserole

Chef Burger Specials | Always $13.95


Tuesday, June 12: Chili Burger

Wednesday, June 13: Southwestern Burger  

Thursday, June 14:  Luau Burger 

Friday, June 15: Awful-Awful Burger

Saturday, June 16:  Gorgonzola Burger

Sunday, June 17:  Caprese Chicken Burger 

Monday, June 18:  Italian Burger 

Tuesday, June 19: Portobello Burger 

Wednesday, June 20:  Buffalo Chicken Burger

Thursday, June 21: Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Friday, June 22: Sloppy Joe Burger

Saturday, June 23: Truffle Burger

Sunday, June 24: Black Bean Burger

Monday, June 25: Chipotle Turkey Burger

Tuesday, June 26: Salmon Burger

Wednesday, June 27: Chili Burger

Thursday, June 28: Southwestern Burger 

Friday, June 29: Luau Burger

Saturday, June 30: Awful-Awful Burger