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July 2018

Three Peaks Prime Rib

Stc 1806 012 Tp Prime Rib Website 1146X600 Final
You better BELIEVE we’re carving up prime rib at Three Peaks this month.

Salute, Swipe, Play & Win

Stc 1806 012 Salute Website 1146X600 1
Every Monday, we salute those who serve.

Party on the Patio Multiplier

Stc 1806 012 Party On The Patio Multiplier Website 1146X600 Final
Would you party if you won a share of this $80,000 giveaway? If so, and you’re a Sun Club member, learn which days you can...

Backyard Bliss Giveaway

Stc 1806 012 Backyard Bliss Website 1146X600 Final
Discover the grand prize your backyard’s been dreaming about…

Splash Into Cash Blackjack Tournament

Stc 1806 012 Splash Cash Blackjack Website 1146X600 Final
Ready to make a big splash with July’s blackjack tournament?

Country Chic

Stc 1806 012 Country Chic Website 1146X600 Final
Discover this month’s charming collectibles…

Cadillacs and Cash Entry Multiplier

Stc 1806 012 Cadillacs Website 1146X600 Final
After one of these beautiful Caddys? If you’re a Sun Club membe,r know which days you can earn multiple entries, and how many!

Cadillacs and Cash

Stc 1806 012 Cadillacs Website 1146X600 Final
Ready to rev up your summer?