Steward (Dishwasher)


The incumbent in this position is responsible for washing dishes, pots, etc. and ensuring their cleanliness.


PROPERTY: Spokane Tribe Casino

DEPARTMENT: Food & Beverage


STATUS: Full Time / Non-Exempt

RATE OF PAY: $12.50 / Hour

OPENING DATE: June 4, 2018

CLOSING DATE: June 11, 2018


(The following statements are intended as general illustrations of the work in this job class and are not all inclusive for specific positions.)

1. Work as a member of a dishwashing crew ensuring soiled items are placed in proper racks or containers which carry them through a dishwashing machine.

2. Inspect, remove and properly store all clean items from the dishwashing machine.

3. Wash steam kettles, tilt fryers and food preparation equipment too large to put in dishwashing machines.

4. Supply dishware to food preparation stations as needed; remove soiled dishware and cooking equipment from food preparation stations.

5. Keep work area (floor, machine, shelving, carts, etc.) clean always.

6. Miscellaneous duties, such as polishing silver, working in storeroom and preparing for banquets, special events, etc. as assigned.

7. Other duties as assigned.

8. Grave shift steward duties will include deep-cleaning after hours such as buffing kitchen floors, cleaning fryers, cleaning hoods, etc.


Must have ability to:

  • Operate in a working environment that is subject to varying levels of cold, heat, noise and vibration. Incumbent is subject to hazards such as wet floors. Proper precautions are taken.
  • Effectively and efficiently move around work area.
  • Stand for majority of shift.
  • Inspect all work performed.
  • Lift and move up to 50 pounds and move loads of up to 100 pounds so as to be able to restock all items as needed.
  • Sort all silverware as needed.


The skills necessary for this position are typically acquired through two months of on-the-job training or through related experience.


In addition to the other duties described herein, each employee has the following responsibilities related to compliance with laws and regulations:

  • Must be able to obtain all required licenses and certification as required including a gaming license through the Spokane Tribal Gaming Commission.
  • Attend required training sessions offered by the Spokane Tribe Casino.
  • Perform the duties described in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Take the necessary steps to ensure minors are not allowed to gamble or loiter in gambling areas, drink alcoholic beverages or purchase tobacco.
  • Have knowledge of the ordinances, regulations, laws, policies and procedures relating to the employee’s department.
  • Consult Internal Control Procedures and Policy Manuals for guidance.
  • Report illegal activity to Security or the appropriate levels of Management.

To apply for a position, please visit and follow the instructions to complete an online application.

All positions are contingent upon successfully obtaining required gaming license(s).

All positions require pre-employment screening including a pre-employment UA.

The Spokane Tribe Casino is an Equal Opportunity Employer that follows the Spokane Tribe Indian Preference Policy.

HR Contact Info:

Jennifer Contreras, HR Manager, 509-818-1534 or

Melissa Kucirka, at 509-818-1531 or